Every home has a story… pages and pages of a living life.

Every home has a story… pages and pages of a living life.
May 3, 2019 Wonderwall

Every home has a story… pages and pages of a living life.

Ready to start a new chapter with fresh design ideas?

According to Leff Construction, Design/Build contractor based in Sebastopol, California, many reasons call for a renovation project:

“You’re an empty nester who loves your home and neighborhood. You don’t want to sell or move, but your house no longer fits your family’s needs.

You love to entertain, but the kitchen is too small, or it’s isolated from the rest of the house. Adult children, grandchildren, and other family and friends live far away. You want to create an in-law unit within your home’s floor plan. Multi-generational living is on the rise as affordable housing decreases”.

Every home has a story

And sometimes, we just want a change, a new start, a dream realized or a project that supports our current style of living…

The key to the success of your redesign project is understanding why you want a change and asking yourself a few key questions as you begin to plan your remodeling project.  It will help you discover the real reasons you want to renovate your home and inspire you to dream a little. This self-reflection process is essential to your project’s success and ability to communicate with your Design Build Team in a manner that is both expedient and fun.  The following questions will help you focus your vision and goals for the project and help develop the vocabulary to express them clearly.  The goal is to have an enjoyable, stress free remodeling process which will give you the beautiful new living space that perfectly suits you and your family’s needs and desires.

  1. Which areas in the home are no longer comfortable, are underutilized, or do not support the way we want to live in our home?
    This is a great opening question for the entire family as it can stimulate the creative process.  The best design is often born from function needs and requests of the residents living in the space.
  2. What is the budget that we are comfortably prepared to spend?
    By being upfront about your budget, you actually help the Design Team estimator maximize each dollar spent and the time and efforts spent on your behalf are focused on the highest quality materials at the best value.
  3. How long do we see ourselves in this home? Do we want to stay in this home as we age and increase safety, maneuverability, and access?
    Universal Design (or Aging-in-Place/Remaining-in-Place) incorporates elements into a remodel that can make your home safe, comfortable and accessible for years to come.   Universal Design is for everyone, regardless of age and abilities, and is increasingly popular with aging populations who wish to remain, living independently, in the home they love.
  4. How important is sustainable design and energy efficiency when it comes to our remodel project?
    All good Design Build firms incorporate “green” or sustainable design into every project as a matter of course. Sustainable homes are one of the best ways for remodeling contractors and homeowners to be environmentally responsible and at the same time align with Earth friendly values.  Investment in “green” products and sustainable systems pay for themselves over the life of the building by more than 10 times as it takes into account the energy savings, water reductions and lower maintenance costs that will positively impact your family and every space in your home.