Wonderwall’s Treasures Offer a Connection to History

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Published Summer/Fall 2019 by Carmel Magazine. Written by Brett Wilbur. 

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In a large Sand City showroom, Mark and Carina Cristofalo have curated a vibrant, eclectic home design center, Wonderwall, filled with unusual pieces. Mark, a fifth-generation builder, and Carina, a landscape designer, collect treasures such as bronze elevator doors from a 1930s’ Chicago hotel, antique brick molds, a vintage red Vaudeville piano, ornate mirrors, re-purposed “found” objects from old buildings used as planters, and sophisticated artwork.

On the front of the building is a mural done by daughter Cosima, one of the Cristofalos’ four children, and around the corner is another mural of Mark’s father.

“Wonderwall is the wall that separates the mundane from something wonderful,” says Mark. “You pass through the wall into the extraordinary.”

The space has quickly become a popular location for nonprofit events, workshops, and even a wedding. Florists and interior designers come for one-of-a-kind finds that can be incorporated into the design of a home or garden.

“It has evolved into much more than I thought it would be,” Mark says. “It has brought the world of art and architecture together.”

“It is ever changing,” Carina adds. “I’ve always found beauty in humble materials, whether they-be wood, stone, clay, glass or metal—then have found the joy in figuring out how to compose these materials in a way that brings joy to people.”

Wonderwall is located at 1714 Contra Costa St., Sand City. 831/241-4214. For more info, go to www.wonderwallhome.com or markcristofalo.com

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