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Carina Wonderwall Sand City Ca

Great friends old and new, sumptuous food and drink, expertly selected and arrayed flowers, and a magical setting filled with objects that charm the eye and thrill the soul—this was the long, happy opening night at Wonderwall. More than sixty guests lingered for hours past the California summer sunset and not even gracious hosts Mark and Carina seemed to mindthe signature mark of a memorable evening.

Floral arrangements by Fionna Floral helped set the scene, while the delicious wines of Monterey’s own Figge Vineyards watered it. A dusky, sweet-savory honeycomb spread by our friends at The Bee Experience (a Carmel Valley treasure) helped intensify the already-friendly ambient mood.

It was hard not to find happiness if you just looked around. Wonderwall scours the world to fill its 3,000-square-foot space with objects that are unique, sometimes eclectic, but always appealing to selective tastes. From Belgian wrought-iron gates to hand-carved Spanish sunburst mirrors to antique French doors whisked away in the nick of time, the company rescues & revives treasures that our discerning clients can claim as their own. From the epic to the intimate, Wonderwall finds and celebrates treasures our clientele will cherish forever.

Carina Wonderwall Sand City Ca

Objects of Desire

Wonderwall isn’t all antiques and architectural elements, though. Its objects of desire include modern things, too—or almost modern. Most of the gentlemen at the opening-night celebration couldn’t keep their hands off host Mark Cristofalo’s Highland-green 1967 Mustang Fastback subtly placed in the middle of the showroom floor, or for that matter off the cream 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser parked outside on Contra Costa Street.

Some questions asked on opening night were if the Land Cruiser were for sale (no) or if The Bee Experience honey were available in stores (no) and why Wonderwall keeps such odd hours (10 in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon, like Italian bankers) is because Wonderwall believes most of life should be lived in private pleasure). The big question was, How do you all make a living if you’re such aesthetes? Wonderwall’s answer: It was a magic night in a magic place and no one should ever question magic.

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