Sparkly Seasonal Lighting at Wonderwall

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As the fall and winter days rapidly get shorter, darker and generally drearier, brighten up your home with seasonal lighting that can create a cheerful and cozy mood.

  1. Wonderwall owner Carina Cristofalo calls them twinkle lights, but at a home goods store you will likely see them labelled as fairy lights. Find battery-operated bulbs on silver strands that can be hooked up to a timer and place them in jars or vases set to turn on right as darkness falls. Place them in your entry or kitchen to greet you with some warmth when you arrive home.
  2. Flameless candles, like those by Lightli or Luminara, can also brighten your mood. Group them on your entry porch or place them on your bathroom counter. Using real candles is also an option, but Carina recommends not to use scented candles anywhere near the table, as it can disrupt the food experience or affect a guest with allergies.
  3. Custom lighting (which can also be set on a timer) creates the most unique and personalized way for you to illuminate your home. Wonderwall crafts handmade, high-quality sconces, ceiling mounts, chandeliers, lanterns and more with wrought-iron and glass. If you have a treasured piece you want to replicate, we can create more for your home in various sizes. We offer fair pricing and masterfully designed work.

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