How to Personalize a Powder Room

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A guest bathroom can be one of the most overlooked, utilitarian rooms in your house, but with a few special details, it can be transformed into a space representative of the items you cherish.

How to Personalize a Powder Room by Wonderwall
  1. Keep it Spotless
    This may go without saying, but take the time to dust the baseboards, polish the faucets and wipe down the sink. If you have a medicine cabinet, remove personal items.
  2. Keep it Stocked
    With four children in the house (including a set of twins) Wonderwall owner Carina Cristofalo has to have a place to hide multiple rolls of toilet paper. She suggests using something uncommon for storage, like an antique Chinese grain scoop mounted on the wall to hold extra rolls of toilet paper and to hang monogrammed hand towels.
  3. Make it Special
    Use an old bottle and add a spout to make a pretty container for liquid soap or place special hand soaps on lovely dishes (Carina likes Parco). Use soft lighting or candles to set a peaceful mood.
  4. Tell a Story
    Take something treasured and precious, like an old black-and-white family photo, and hang it on the wall to inspire conversation and to create a sense of nostalgia. Let your visitors learn something new about you.

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