Effortless Holiday Tablescapes

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The holidays may evoke an equal sense of anxiety and excitement (remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e) but with a few simple tweaks, you can create an easy, elegant tablescape that is reflective of you and your family.

Simplicity Wins
Wonderwall owner Carina Cristofalo recommends centering your table with something precious but simple. If you have silver bowls, don’t worry about polishing them. The tarnished patina will give them an antique feel. Place some flowers in the bowls in tones that reflect the season and your décor and use old teacups to hold salt and pepper or even votive candles. Above all, bring out your most treasured items and put them on display (Carina suggests enjoying your favorite items year round).

Color Counts
Carina recommends choosing your decorative colors around your meal. If she’s serving meat and mashed potatoes, she will add a lot of greens to brighten up the setting, or if it’s a richly colored cioppino, she will focus on neutral and nude tones for the table. A pomegranate spritzer adds seasonal color (mix pomegranate juice with sparkling water), as do vintage French tea towels (they don’t need to match) with red stripes or patterns folded as napkins. Olive and magnolia branches bring in earthy, natural elements and can be displayed in a vase filled with cranberries.

Bring the Family in to Help
Take away some of the pressure to do it all singlehandedly and ask your children or nieces and nephews to hand-write place cards. The charm and different designs they come up with bring them into the celebration, and tone down some of the seriousness of trying to make everything look perfect. It won’t…and it doesn’t need to in order to be beautiful and welcoming! Carina says the contrast of a refined table with wildly written name cards always brings her joy. And that’s the entire point of gatherings, isn’t it?

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