A barrier which separates the mundane from the Transcendent Reality.

Having spent more than 30 years creating our vision of art in architecture, Mark Cristofalo & Co. now focuses on the joy in every pattern, every texture, every sheen, every layer, and every line in every home they’re working on. It’s the creation of this pleasure, this serious endeavor of creating joy, we feel should be in every home. That is why we created Wonderwall.

Wonderwall is a vibrant 3,000 square foot gallery centrally located in the arts district of Sand City. Beautifully designed, the space is a curated collection of architectural elements, furnishings, art and objects of desire.

Each piece is sourced from around the world with one constant unified ambition: to create comfort & luxury in your home through the use of authentic, casual, and intuitive elements.

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Carina and Mark Cristofalo